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Answers to the most commonly asked questions about our company and products.

We have put together the set of most commonly asked questions about our company and products and answered them to the best of our capabilities. 

If you still have any questions that we have not mentioned please write to us through our contact us section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Follow these simple steps to place an order:

  • Visit our website
  • Click on Products
  • Select the product of your choice
  • Select monthly course and quantity (optional)
  • Click on Add to cart
  • The product is successfully added in your shopping cart
  • Click on Shopping cart
  • Verify the product and quantity in the cart
  • Click on Proceed to checkout (both cash on delivery and prepaid options are available)
  • Enter your Email ID and click on generate OTP
  • Enter the OTP
  • Add your Details
  • Click on Confirm
  • Your order will be placed successfully
  • A copy of the Order details will be sent on the registered email ID


 Once you add the product/s of your choice to the cart, click on ‘Shopping cart’ icon on the uppermost right hand corner of the page. Your selected product/s along with its quantity and price will be visible.

You can add multiple products to your cart by following these simple steps:

  1. Once you have selected a product and its quantity, click on add to cart.
  2. The product will be added to your cart
  3. Now click on Products and select the next product of your choice
  4. Select the quantity and add it to cart
  5. Once you have added all the products of your choice, click on shopping cart.
  6. All the products along with the quantity and cost will be displayed
  7. Proceed to payment.


 To login into your existing account, click on Login icon and enter your mail ID to generate an OTP. Once you receive the OTP, enter it into the space provided and login.

 Once you place an order and choose an appropriate payment option, a pop up will be displayed on the screen saying your order has been confirmed. A mail will be sent to the registered email ID with the order and shipping details.

 Once the order is placed, you will receive the product within 5 to 10 working days.

 All of the products on the AFDpharma website are nutraceutical products that are helpful in maintaining the overall wellbeing of an individual. Moreover, the products are FSSAI approved, hence, a Doctor’s prescription is not mandatory.

 You can reach out to us on calls, whatsapp, or mail for any assistance. Following are the details:
Contact/ Whatsapp number: 90190 27649
Email ID: 

 In case where the product is not shipped, the quantity can be updated by contacting us on the following:
Contact/ Whatsapp number: 90190 27649
Email ID:

 Nutralogicx will accept the product return when its fits the criterias as mentioned in our return policy. To know the return policy criteria for the product you have purchased, Please refer to our Return policy.

 The order can be cancelled before the products are shipped and the amount will be refunded within 5 to 10 working days. In case where the products are shipped, the order cannot be cancelled.

 No, currently we do not ship outside India, but if there is a special requirement for any of the products, please contact us at:
Contact/ Whatsapp number: 90190 27649
Email ID:


Transformative Journey to Parenthood - A Customer's Testimonial

Customer Testimonial: Discover the heart-warming journey of Mr. Sanjay (name changed) and his wife, who overcame fertility challenges through Lyber M, AFD Pharma’s male fertility supplement. Battling stress and depression, their lives transformed as Lyber M led them to parenthood.


Uttar Pradesh

From Infertility to Parenthood: Lyber M Male Fertility Supplement Testimonial

Customer testimonial: Meet Mr. Rajesh, who overcame low sperm count and motility with AFD Pharma's Lyber M supplement, achieving parenthood. If you face fertility issues, watch this inspiring video!



Lyber M Male Fertility supplement testimonial by user that was used for boosting male fertility and testosterone boost

Customer testimonial: Mr. Hasan, facing fertility challenges and depression, shares how AFD Pharma's Lyber M supplement transformed their journey to parenthood. Discover how Lyber M can address low sperm count, motility, libido, and infertility in this essential video.

Lyber M testimonial used for boosting male fertility


Lyber M user shares his positive EXPERIENCE for fertility, sperm count, testosterone boost, and more benefits

Customer testimonial: Mr. Rohit, facing infertility issues with low sperm count and motility, shares how AFD Pharma's Lyber M male fertility supplement helped him and his wife achieve their dream of parenthood. Learn how Lyber M can address low sperm count, motility, and other concerns in this must-watch video

Lyber M user shares his positive EXPERIENCE for fertility



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