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Fastnap | Melatonin Sleep Spray

Fastnap Melatonin Oral spray. Deep and Healthy Sleep

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Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray, Non-addictive and non-habit-forming melatonin spray.

Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray: Melatonin Spray for sleep and relaxation!

Troubled by sleepless nights? Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray can help. This melatonin oral spray is specially designed to regulate your sleep cycle, help you provide deep and restful sleep.

Our internal clock is regulated by the melatonin hormone, which is secreted by the brain to signal the body that it's time to sleep. Fastnap oral spray mimics this natural process, promoting a calm and relaxing sensation that leads to peaceful sleep.

Whether it's due to insomnia, jet lag, anxiety, depression, overwork, or night-shifts, Fastnap, the melatonin supplement for sleep, can help relieve stress and anxiety and provide a refreshing and energetic wake-up. Its effectiveness in decreasing sleep latency time and promoting deep sleep makes it ideal for those who suffer from sleeping disorders.

Fastnap is highly effective for people suffering from insomnia, jet lag, and other sleep disorders. With just 4 to 6 sprays under the tongue, Fastnap helps promote a calm and relaxing sensation, leading to a peaceful sleep and waking up refreshed and energetic. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety, making it the perfect solution for people facing sleeplessness due to overwork, night-shifts, and international travel.

For those struggling with depression and psychological conditions, Fastnap helps provide a much-needed calm and relaxing sensation, promoting deep and peaceful sleep. It's also a great option for those undergoing IVF and sleep disturbances, as it does not have any adverse effects.

Unlike other melatonin sleeping pills, Fastnap is non-addictive and does not have any withdrawal symptoms. It's also sugar-free, making it a healthier option for people who are looking for a natural sleep aid.

Get the good sleep you deserve with Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray, the Non-addictive and non-habit-forming melatonin spray. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a calm and relaxed mind.




How to get a sound sleep? Use Melatonin Oral Spray for regulating the sleep cycle

Melatonin hormone is the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and the biological clock of the body. During the day because of light exposure, melatonin hormone secretion decreases, leading to a more active body and mind. Similarly, the melatonin hormone secretion is high during the night and aids in a faster sleeping process.

In today’s busy lifestyle, the natural melatonin hormone secretion is affected due to age, health, medication, light exposure at night, overuse of mobile phones, traveling, working at night, etc. Fastnap Melatonin oral spray is non-addictive and non-habit-forming, it helps in sleeping peacefully and calmly.

It helps in reducing the sleeping latency time, improves the quality of sleep, resets the sleep cycle, helps beat tiredness and fatigue, and leads to a calmer and relaxed mind. Fastnap is especially beneficial to people suffering from sleep challenges like insomnia, jet lag, disturbed circadian rhythm etc. 

The melatonin dosage for adults ranges between 1 to 5 mg for effective sleep. Fastnap provides you 1 mg of melatonin in just 2 sprays. Take 3 to 4 sprays of Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray for effective resluts towards achieving a good night's sleep. Consult a physician before increasing the melatonin dosage.


Uses of Melatonin Spray

  • Regulates Sleep Cycle: Normal sleep cycle can easily get altered because of age, health, medication, light exposure at night, traveling, working at night and etc. Melatonin helps regulate your sleep cycle back to normal hours.

  • Treatment for Insomnia: Insomnia not only affects your sleep cycle but also takes a toll on your mood, energy level, health, work life balance and lifestyle in general. Fastnap is an effective non habit forming melatonin oral spray that helps with insomnia and helps you sleep better. 

  • Helps with anxiety: Anxiety caused due to lack of sleep can make one feel tired and dull for the whole day. Fastnap helps provide a calming and relaxing sensation to the mind that helps in falling asleep faster naturally and wake up refreshed and energetic, thus helping with anxiety.    

  • Treats Sleeplessness: Depression and anxiety causes sleepless nights, tired mornings and feeling lethargic and dull throughout the day. Tackle sleeplessness caused due to depression with Fastnap, as a fulfilled sleep and well rested mind will be helpful against  depression.    

  • Waking up refreshed: Not getting sleep at night is a sign of sleeplessness that makes one feel drowsy and lethargic throughout the day. A fulfilled sleep equals a well-rested body, Melatonin helps you wake up refreshed and recharged every morning, giving you head start for the day.

  • Relives stress: Sleep stress-free after a long exhausting day with Fastnap melatonin oral spray that helps in calming and relaxing the mind off all the stress, anxiety and tension thus giving you a deep, peaceful sleep at night.  

  • Better Absorption: Taking Melatonin as a spray is the most potent way, spray format insures the highest absorption of the melatonin into the body.

  • Helps reduce sleep latency time: Fastnap helps reduce the time it takes for us to fall asleep after turning off the lights, leading to a gentle night’s sleep.

  • Made in India: Fastnap Melatonin oral spray is a made in India product. Melatonin India - Fastnap Melatonin.




What is Melatonin?

By Doctor Bendoor




Shobna Chander Fastnap
Fastnap Testimonial by Shobna Chander

Fastnap has really helped me with my sleep issues, especially after knowing that it's safe to have as it's a natural hormone. I feel great in the mornings after a good night's sleep

Shobna Chander


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Frequently Asked Questions

 Melatonin is the sleep hormone that controls the biological clock and is responsible for regulating the sleep wake cycles of the body

 Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray helps in improving the overall quality of sleep by relaxing the mind, decreasing the sleep latency time, promoting deep and peaceful sleep, and helping in waking up refreshed and energetic.

 Two to three sprays of Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray under the tongue is recommended for inducing deep sleep.

Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray should be taken 30 minutes before going to bed. It provides a relaxing and calming sensation to the mind thus helping in regulating the sleep cycle.

 Yes, Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray is safe to be used for children in recommended dosage of 2 to 3 sprays at a single time.

Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen after excess consumption of melatonin supplement Fastnap. But the dosage should be between 2 to 4 sprays in a span of 24 hours only. It is recommended to not take more than 4 sprays of Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray in a single day unless prescribed otherwise by a physician/doctor.

 Taking Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray about half an hour before going to bed will start showing its effect by calming the mind and improving the quality of sleep while decreasing the sleep latency time.

No, the usage of Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray is extremely safe. However, there might be slight headache and dizziness when taken in excess.

Melatonin supplements like Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray works best when they are taken during night time.

Yes, Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray is very effective for sleep disorders like insomnia. 4 to 6 sprays are recommended for those suffering from Insomnia.

 Yes, a diabetic person can use Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray as it is 100% sugar free.

No, Fastnap Melatonin supplement is non- addicting and non-habit forming sleep aid, so, you can use it as often as you need, keeping the recommended daily dosage in mind.

No, Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray being a non-habit forming sleep aid, it does not cause any withdrawal syndrome even after discontinuing the consumption.

Yes, taking melatonin supplements like Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray is very effective against sleeping disorders caused by jet lag.

 Yes, Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray is extremely safe for heart patients. It helps in maintaining a steady heartbeat that regulates proper blood flow, while giving a calm and relaxing sensation to the mind.


 No, melatonin supplement Fastnap melatonin spray does not make you sleepy the next day, in fact, it is a natural sleep aid that supports deep sleep and helps in waking up refreshed the next day.

 Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray is the best melatonin supplement and natural sleep aid for adults as it helps in regulating the sleep cycle, supports deep and peaceful sleep, improves quality of sleep and helps in waking up refreshed. Moreover, it is non-addicting and non-habit forming melatonin sleep aid.

 Fastnap melatonin oral spray is the best melatonin mouth spray for regulating the sleep cycle to normal by inducing deep and peaceful sleep throughout the night which also helps in waking up refreshed.

 Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray is an effective sleep supplement for adults who want to regulate their sleep cycle, induce deep and peaceful sleep, provide a relaxing sensation to the mind, reduce the overall sleep latency time and wake up refreshed and energetic everyday.

 Fastnap Melatonin Oral Spray is the best natural sleep aid supplement for the elderly as it contains melatonin in its natural form, is non-addicting, sugar free and does not have any withdrawal symptoms, thus making it easy to use and an effective sleep inducing oral spray.

Anxiety is the body’s reaction to dealing with stress which can reduce your daily productivity. Use the following tips to treat anxiety at home.

  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid alcohol/ cigarettes
  • Eat healthy diet
  • Follow a sleep schedule
  • Take Fastnap melatonin oral spray that helps with anxiety.

The only effective treatment for insomnia is sleep. Getting a minimum of 7-9 hours of sleep without any disturbance. Fastnap melatonin oral spray helps in achieving an undisturbed deep peaceful sleep at night, thus helping with the management of insomnia.

Stress and anxiety, a number of times is caused due to not getting sleep at night or sleep deprivation in general. Overcome stress and anxiety by getting a minimum of 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily.


The best medicine for anxiety and depression is modifying your lifestyle, consuming a healthy diet, keeping physically fit, and most importantly, prioritizing sleep. Sleep is the best medicine for anxiety and stress that has been caused due to sleep deprivation. Fastnap melatonin oral spray helps in getting natural sleep.

Melatonin hormone is particularly known for inducing sleep, regularizing sleep cycle, rectifies sleep deprivation; helps in sleep disorders like insomnia, jet lag; and normalizing the circadian rhythm. But studies show melatonin uses for IVF treatment have shown increased fertilization rate. Melatonin hormone has also shown to have promising results as an anti-ageing agent.

Melatonin hormone is better than sleeping tablets if you are looking for instant sleep aid that helps you sleep naturally and wake up refreshed the next day.

To increase deep sleep naturally, follow these rules:

  • Exercise daily
  • Avoid electronic devices on bed
  • Make the room dark and cozy
  • Make a sleep schedule
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Add more fiber to your diet

Melatonin when taken in limited dosages orally are generally safe, however, taking large dosage of melatonin orally can cause side effects like nausea, dizziness, headache and drowsiness till the effect wears off. It is advised to strictly follow the recommended dosages only.  

 Yes, Fastnap oral spray and Fastnap mouth spray are the same product, that is Fastnap melatonin oral spray that helps in achieving deep and peaceful sleep naturally.