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Nutraceutical health supplement products for men, women, children, and the elderly
AFD SHIELD frontside


AFD Shield is the all in one multivitamin supplement with immunity booster and rich antioxidant for adults, and elderly.

  • Goodness of CoQ10, Algae DHA, Spirulina and curcumin

  • For immunity and general well being

  • Helpful in Cardiovascular, Diabetic & Cancer care

INR 780.00

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Fastnap Melatonin Oral spray front


Fastnap Melatonin Oral spray, natural sleep aid for better sleep quality. 10% off on 2, 20% off on 3 + free delivery.

  • Regulates sleep cycle

  • Natural and non addicting

  • Solution to your sleep problems

INR 325.00

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Limezo dz front side

Limezo DZ

Limezo DZ with vitamin C, vitamin D3 and Zinc. The best immunity booster supplement.

  •  All in one: Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Zinc

  • One of the best Immunity boosters

  • Delicious orange flavored chewable tablets


INR 240.00

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Livocumin frontside


Livocumin is one of the Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Liver Health that Cleanses, Detoxes, and Supports the Liver

  • Ayurvedic (Herbal) Liver Tonic

  • Support healthy liver functioning

  • Protection against liver disorders

INR 387.00

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Lyber frontside


Lyber, male fertility supplement. A unique Lycopene and Shilajit solution for male infertility. Lyber is now Lyber - M with advanced formula for male fertility.

  • Overcome problems associated with male infertility 

  • Improves Erectile dysfunction

  • Boosts testosterone naturally and maintains it at normal levels

INR 480.00

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Neugracia frontside


Best menopause supplement for every woman in menopause. One pack contains 3 strips x 10 tablets = 30 tablets

  • Fortify your forties and onwards

  • Relief from menopausal symptoms

  • Natural extracts with multi vitamin and multi-minerals

INR 510.00

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Tedyvit Multivitamin & Minerals Gummies frontside

Tedyvit Multivitamin & Minerals Gummies

Tedyvit Multivitamin & Minerals Gummies for Children, Teenagers, and Adults | Buy One get one Free ! 30 x 2 = 60 Gummies

  • All in one combination of essential Vitamins and minerals

  • Supports overall growth and well being

  • Enhances immunity

INR 500.00

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Tedyvit Vitamin B Complex Gummies frontside

Tedyvit Vitamin B Complex Gummies

Tedyvit Vitamin B Complex Gummies with all B Vitamins along with Choline & Inositol | Buy One get one Free ! 30 x 2 = 60 Gummies

  • Fulfils the nutritional need for all B complex Vitamins

  • Delicious Mango flavour for children, teens, and adults

  • Vegan, fat free and no artificial flavour

INR 490.00

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