How Exercise Sometimes can do More Harm than Good!


Exercise is one of the most beneficial activities that we can do for our body. Regular exercise is good for the heart, improves mood, boosts cardiovascular health, and strengthens the body as well as the mind. Exercise helps us stay healthy and energetic in our everyday life. When it comes to the benefits of exercise, the list goes on and on, but just like everything else, excess of anything can do more harm than good. Lately, the case of people having cardiac arrests in gyms has become more common; famous Indian comedian late Shri. Raju Srivastava is just one name on the list of many.


What is the relation between heart attacks and over-exercising? Let's find out.


Too much exercise/overworking:

When one goes through repeated chronic exercise training or often competes in extreme endurance sports beyond the limit, it can lead to heart damage and rhythmic disorders. To put it simply, when one does extreme training, it puts extreme physical stress on the cardiovascular system, which can lead to cardiac arrests in due course of time. A study conducted on people who compete in marathons found that after completion of the running event, there were symptoms of heart damage in their blood samples.
When the heart is often put under extreme stress, it can lead to remodeling of the heart and exert permanent physical changes, such as thickening of the walls and scarring. People who exercise excessively are more prone to developing coronary artery calcification (CAC). CAC is the depositing of calcium in your heart's arteries. Excessive exercise can cause stress on arteries, leading to higher CAC. People who have a history of cardiac diseases in their family are more vulnerable to too much exercising.


Moderate exercise is the way forward:

Moderate exercises, such as swimming, cycling, walking, and jogging, are good for the heart and overall health. Resistance training should be done with proper guidance and precautions. About 150 minutes of moderate training exercise and 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity training exercise a week are recommended for adults. Doing more than that on a regular basis may not be good for the heart.



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