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What are Probiotics and can we take probiotics daily?

Probiotics, also called as the “good bacteria”, are the living organisms residing in our gut. The word “bacteria” is often thought to be something harmful, but, these bacteria are all about the good! These promote a healthy gut, maintains the digestive health and boosts immunity.

We have both good and bad bacteria living in our gut, but when we fall sick, the number of bad bacteria grows tremendously and destroy the body’s natural balance. In order to restore this balance, good bacteria fights the infections, thus reducing the bad bacteria and its effect.

Probiotics microorganisms can be found in a number of foods like:

  • Dairy Products: Yoghurt, Buttermilk, Cheese, Paneer
  • Made with cereals: Idli, Dosa, Ambala, Naan, Pazhaya, etc.
  • Made with pulses: Dhokla, Khaman
  • Pickles (Aachar)
  • Made with fermented vegetables: Sauerkraut, Kimchi
  • Made by fermenting cow or goat milk: Kefir
  • Made with fermented black or green tea: Kombucha
  • Made with fermented soybean: Tempeh
  • Other fermented foods and drinks.

Nowadays, just like vitamins, probiotics are also available in dietary supplement form.

Why consume probiotics?

Well, probiotics, as we said, help in promoting gut health, enhances the digestion process and boosts immunity.
Our gut is the home to millions and billions of living organisms, both, good and bad. When we’re down with an infection or illness, our body becomes weak, and one of the main systems affected is the gut. If the number of bad bacteria in the gut grows very high, the existing good bacteria has to multiply and fight with all their might to destroy them which helps in restoring our health.

When the body is attacked by an infection, it causes a lot of disturbances in the daily functioning of the body, may also slow down the digestion process and cause inflammations in various organs and parts of the body. The role of probiotics in boosting immunity is very important as it protects the body from the harmful organisms and their damage by reducing the inflammations and fighting against the bad bacteria internally. This helps in destroying the harmful bad bacteria and boosts the functioning of immune system.

Moreover, Probiotics help in retaining the nutrients from the food by reabsorbing it into the body and help in maintaining an efficient digestive system and help in detoxing the digestive system of the harmful substances.

Thus proving the age old proverb “A healthy gut is a healthy you” true!

What seems to be the important function of probiotics is to boost immunity. But it may not be able to do it single handedly. Our Immune system is a huge network of cells that works together towards protecting our body from any and all types of harmful substances. To ensure you and your loved ones always stay protected against such harmful infections, pathogens, viruses and bacteria, AFD Pharma, a division of Anglo French Drugs and Industries Ltd. have formulated special products with emphasis on increasing immunity and providing general wellbeing. These products are:

AFD Shield: AFD Shield is the best antioxidant supplement consisting of state-of-the-art antioxidant ingredients that boosts immunity, reduces the inflammation, promotes heart health, diabetic health, and manages hypertension, reduces the blood cholesterol levels and more.

Limezo-DZ: Limezo-DZ are multivitamin chewable tablets are wonderful combination of the three most powerful immunity boosting nutrients, Vitamin C, D and Zinc. Vitamin C and Zinc are beneficial in keeping viral infections like influenza cold and cough viruses at bay. Vitamin D is very well-known for its positive effects in maintaining bone mineral density, thus reducing the risk of fractures. Along with this, Vitamin C and Zinc promote faster wound healing process by activating the collagen molecules that are responsible for healing.

Tedyvit Multivitamins and mineral Gummies: Tedyvit Multivitamin and mineral Gummies are packed with the essential multivitamins and minerals that are very good immune system booster, also have beneficial effects in improving energy production, enhancing brain activity, and supporting overall growth and development.

Tedyvit Vitamin B complex Gummies: Tedyvit is a B complex blend that consists of Vitamins B1, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12 along with Choline and Inositol, together they exert a protective effect on the body and support a sharper brain function. They are very good immune system booster, also have beneficial effects to revitalize the energy levels, protect the nervous system, aid in digestion, and help in maintaining healthy skin and hair.


 So, do we really need probiotics?

YES! We do. They are the tiny warriors in our gut that help us stay healthy from within. Consuming probiotic foods like yoghurt, buttermilk, and other fermented foods on a regular basis may result in attaining a healthy body inside out.

While consuming probiotics is a good habit, doing it in excess may render harmful in the long run as it may deplete the natural good bacteria colonies in the gut. So, eat probiotics in moderation for a fitter you!

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