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Liver Diseases

Liver Diseases

The liver, located in the upper right-hand side of the abdominal cavity, just below the diaphragm and above the stomach, kidneys, and intestines, is the second largest organ in the body after skin.

 Human Anatomy - Liver

The liver carries out a number of functions that are necessary for carrying out your day-to-day activities smoothly. These functions include:

  • Productions of proteins for blood plasma
  • Production of bile that helps in filtering out waste and breaking down fat in the intestines
  • Production of cholesterol
  • Converts excess glucose to glycogen which can later be used as an energy source
  • Regulates the amino acid formation
  • Stores iron which is obtained from Hemoglobin
  • Converts ammonia to urea which is later expelled out
  • Regulates blood clotting
  • Clears the bloodstream of harmful substances, bacteria, toxins, and drugs
  • Prevents bilirubin accumulation in the RBCs

Although it carries out these vital functions, this organ is often neglected until it is very late.

Problems and defects of the liver are developed over a period of time and if detected at an early stage are often reversible.

The very common Liver diseases are:


 How to prevent Liver Diseases?

Prevention of Liver diseases gets a little easy if it is detected at its initial stage when the infection and/or damage has not yet rooted deep in the liver. However, in cases where the symptoms are seen at a very later stage, the chances of reversal are low, but not zero.

Following a healthy lifestyle, consuming a nutritious diet, and regular exercise along with daily supplementation of Livocumin, the best ayurvedic liver medicine will benefit you in the long run and help in achieving a healthy and strong liver.

AFD Pharma’s Livocumin liver tablets are the best ayurvedic liver supplements that help in protecting against the cirrhosis of the liver, fatty liver, chronic liver diseases, liver infection, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, alcoholic fatty liver disease, jaundice, gallstones, viral hepatitis types like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D, and Hepatitis E.

Livocumin is an ayurvedic liver tonic that helps in liver detox, liver cleansing, and liver protection with help of its liver-protective, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that strengthens the liver. The all-natural formulation of Livocumin makes it the best ayurvedic liver medicine that aids the detoxification processes of the liver.


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